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Mahila Uddhami Loan

The GPNL can provide the Mahila Uddhami Loan which is give the financial help to the Indian women/entrepreneurs, who is not affordable for the family or own businesses.

The GPNL is always be ready for the Indian entrepreneurs who is ready for her family or own business, the company is provide a strong base for the women business and also provide their suggestions and ideas who is interested for the interfering of the companies, the company give the financial help and aware about the government policies which is running for the rural or urban areas Indian business womenentrepreneurs.

Problems of the women/female business/entrepreneurs:

Definitely, there are a number of problems regarding women entrepreneurs in India, researcher having identified issues relating to:
  • Social aspects,
  • Economic life,
  • Skill problems,
  • Problems of family support,
  • Courage etc.

Here, our company provides the economic life for the female entrepreneurs in rural India which is not affordable for continuous business.

Those women who have skills and family support but not affordable a good business, the GPNL help such rural India’s women entrepreneurs.

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